Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Off to the races - Day 12

It was the big day of the Melbourne Cup, so friends decided to hold a cup day party in honor of the big occasion.  A great reason to have a BBQ picnic in the middle of the week!
Emma prepared a Kiwi delicacy - White bait patties as an entree followed by lamp chops and sausages.
This is a true Kiwi first for me so I thought I should share the experience.

The White Bait patties consist of little white baits (fish) cooked like an omelet seasoned with salt and pepper.  They were delish, but couldn't help but take pity on the little fish that was looking back at me while I was eating.  We all had a bit of a laugh over it.

L to R - Emma, Kayla, myself and Sally
Shirt: Undercurrent
Scarf: Marshalls
Cardi: Staple from Depeche Mode
Capris: GH Bass
Heels: Banana Republic

Since I was in my 30-for-30 I pulled the girls in with me for a shot.  They were very good sports! We were not dressed to the nines as they do here in NZ for the races, but we had fun anyway. 
PS - Thomas' horse won the cup!


  1. ohhh I love NZ. I spent a year there working for the Department of Conservation and lived in Arthurs Pass. It was amazing, and Stewart Island- the diving was spectacular.. Oh I have so many great memories of the incredible hikes and huts there.. you are so lucky. That place is so similar to BC I was even tempted to move there.. I'm excited to find your blog so I can see your beautiful pics!!

    and then of course, there are the outfits and the 30 for 30!! hope the challenge is going well for you!!!

    back soon xoxo J

  2. yay for friends! and horses! and scarves! it looks like you have good taste in all of these areas:)