Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas and decking the halls

"Joy to the world the Lord has come let earth receive her king.  Let every heart prepare him room and heaven and nature sing."

Oh to celebrate Christmas with a 2 year old and a 9 month old.  You wonder what they understand and how much they grasp about Christmas and why we celebrate it.  How much Santa to talk about and if the idea of a big jolly man (stranger to us) coming down the chimney may bring on a nightmare or two. 
(E with her new camera - she didn't like wearing her dress, but wouldn't let me take off the tights)

In our case little E understood a lot about Christmas.  She knew it would be Jesus' birthday and we talked about giving presents to each other to share the love that God gave us.  Needless to say she really liked the present idea :)  We put our manger out and played with Mary and Joseph.  Our baby Jesus had a binkie which was especially exciting, and confusing at times when other baby Jesus' didn't have one.  I love the mind of two year olds.  Aunt Ali told her all about Santa and his sleigh and they spent much of Christmas Eve looking for him in the sky.

(opening stockings)

It was Lu's first Christmas.  We have been a family of four for so long we almost forgot about our little lovie's first Christmas!  Papa was sure to tell her all about what it was about.

I just love how photos can capture the little moments that make life so sweet and special.  These are some of my favorites from Christmas day.

T and Lulu early Christmas morning before the coffee made it's first round.  I think he looks so rustic and handsome.

 Christmas morning at Grandma Joyce's, chaos family, music, toys and lots of laughter.  A right of passage in the Noble family for this wonderful tradition.

 My amazing family.  We were all able to be together for a whole week around Christmas.  This was the best gift of all.  Having my sisters around, celebrating a new little cousin to be joining us in July (Ali and Kase) and lots of time to relax and visit.  Hope your season was wonderful and bright, and your new year is exciting!

xoxo, jnm

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My boot envy

I am on the eternal hunt for a beautiful pair of leather boots.  Anyone else feel like nothing quenches the craving?  My very sweet mother-in-law said to me the other day "I don't mean to be rude, but don't you have enough boots?"  My constant struggle - they were all a good deal, but not the best.  I am loving on these however...

Cavalier dress riding boot
 Sam Edelman 'Penny' Boot Womens Black

Sam Edelman penny boot

Frye Paige Tall Riding Women's Pull-on Boots Black Calf Leather : ...

It's always fun to look.  A want not a need (to quote my


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday = adventure day

Today we packed up our sleepy selves and got outside despite the rain and cold weather.  When I was little we used to meet my grandparents or breakfast on some spontaneous Saturday mornings. It was such a wonderful memory no matter where we were, a little diner or the Pancake House near Buffalo it was always fun.  This has stuck with me growing up and going out to breakfast is still one of my favorite things to do.
Since T has been out of town I decided the girls and I needed some adventure - so out we trounced rain boots and all to our local cafe for some yumm-o pancakes and E's favorite scrambled eggs.  There was nothing amazing or earth shattering about our morning, just the everyday wonderful gift of being together my girls and I making memories.  Lulu slept while E and I stacked creamer towers and made jelly trains while having conversations only a two year old can have.  As we walked out you could see people watching our little crew trounce out.  I was so proud of my little ladies and proud of us for getting outside of out everyday norm.
I have to thank Jen - from jenloveskev for changing my mindset from the daunting outlook of never ending housework to the joy of living in the moment while you have the moments.  Check out her story about their excursion to the ADK's for a hot air balloon fest with two babies in tow. 

It's definitely not always the easiest job, but I am so thankful for what I am being taught as a mom - about myself and how to see the outside world.  Slow down, have a seat and really soak in what this day has to offer you.

xxx, jnm

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome to the new life.

We're back!  Welcome to the new normal, and it only took two years to get back behind the scenes.  The holidays are in full swing and my heart is full of thankfulness for everything and everyone around us.  Christmas makes me remember family both near and far and the friends we have made that are close like family.  Moving away is never thought we would find as good of people around us as we had. 
I wanted to introduce our two little balls of spunk, energy and lots of love to spread around.  Meet E and Lu.  My life would not be as much fun, as rich, or nearly as exhausting with out you girls.


She's a little excited Christmas is coming if you can't tell already.  Happy December 4th.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A post to share.

 Before E was even born, or a thought in our heart our sweet friends were blessed with a little baby girl that would change lives.  Watching her grow - though we are states away has been an incredible blessing.  These two parents are beyond talented and to watch their family grow has been a delight.

I wanted to share Mar's most recent blog post My Girl about her little girl.  It pulls at my heart with little E to see all that she will grow up to do, but more importantly how we as parents need to teach our children to love everyone.  No matter what age, skin color, religion, etc.

I am so thankful when I fall short God is always there to step in.

Follow our friends at Marla - amazing mother of 2 or Justin: the photographer

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What you need Wednesday - Petunia Pickle Bottom

Better late than never... This is the "diaper bag" that I fell in love with when baby E was on her way.  I saw it first in Pottery Barn Kids and it spoke to me :)  "You don't have to run around with a bag that screams I"M A MOM!"  People pick up on that already - this bag said - "I am fabulous and you will love me," and I have everyday since.
The front of the bag hides a built in changing pad which means when you have baby in one hand and a changing table in front of you it's a no brainer.  Plus, the outside is wipe able so you can clean it up well after it's been tossed around.

She makes all different types and colors and they are currently on sale at Layla Grace - click here Petunia Pickle Bottom sale

We also have the clutch for all those times you don't want to carry the whole bag!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What you need Wednesday - Taggie Blankets

Most people have seen these nowadays they seem to be all over the place.
A sweet friend of ours made a taggie blanket for baby E and she LOVES it!  It goes with us everywhere.  The cool thing about these is all of the different textures on the blanket and in the ribbons along the outsides, and they come in really cool patterns.
Here are a few that I found on from Little Miss Monkeys.
For the little man or lady in your life these blankets sell for $11.50 plus shipping and handling.  
I have been loving buying homemade things for E.  They are unique and different, not to mention we're helping people working from home :)  I wish I have the creativity these people have.

Thanks Megs for our blanket!

Until next time - Jenna

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What you need Wednesday

Over the last few months of having Baby E people have been approaching me about what I have found useful in the world of baby products and what is a waste of time and money.  I remember registering for things and thinking.... where do you even begin?  I had never had a baby and knew nothing of what the day to day would bring us.

So in light of that question I thought I'd start a "what you need" series.  I'll give tips of what I've found useful and what products Baby E loves.  We would also love to know what you have found useful!

This is one of the wet bags we have for the diaper bag c/o Lavender Strings  I use it to put all the dirty diapers in when we are out on the town, they are a cloth exterior with a waterproof plastic lining.

They are all handmade and come in all different fun colors - bonus they are machine washable and to dry turn them inside out.
I have a couple for Baby E because as some of you know with babies you are always misplacing things!  I have even used one as a makeup bag :)  This week Lavender Strings is running a coupon deal!  
Type in Jenna10 and get 10% off any purchase!  

Thanks Ali (owner of Lavender Strings) for being so creating and such a good Auntie to Baby E!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seven months already...

 In two days our little E will be 7 months old... we can't believe it.
 She has been working on figuring out how to pull open the cupboards in the kitchen for weeks now.  Then we turned around and today was the day she has mastered her goal.  Time for us to now run (very fast) to Babies R Us and start the much needed baby proofing of the house!
 So proud mommy!
 Happy 7 months bean, we love you!
 For those safety conscious - we watch her every move in this walker, don't worry!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Friday morning.

This is the happy girl that we get to wake up to every morning.  I don't know anyone else who can roll over in bed at 5:00am and give you a big toothless grin like they just had the best sleep of their life.  Oh, to be 6 months again.
This morning went something like this...
Wake up and nurse.
Run around and get ready for work.
Baby E and daddy snuggle in bed for a bit longer.
Make coffee - if we're lucky.

Run out the door to try to get to work and everywhere in between by 7am.
 This morning we were ahead of schedule.  This morning E kept wiggling closer to her daddy in bed and almost wiggled him off the edge (it may have been the cutest thing I had ever seen). This morning I was 15 min early to work (a rarity).... then I found out I didn't have to be there till 10am instead of the 7am I had first thought.  So, now i get to sit and drink my coffee...catch up on the wonderful world of blogging I have been missing and smile with my baby girl just a little bit more.

This is how a Friday morning should be. 

Happy Friday.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 6 - A party worthy of the couple

Welcome to our best family photo op (ever) - the Matthews have never all looked so good, not to mention all looked at the camera at the same time.
 Setting - a shabby chic old wool shed at Twin Terrace Farm overlooking the Waitaki Valley.
Event - Celebrating a newly married couple with family and friends in from all corners of the globe.
The party was fabulous with good food, good wine and a great band to close out the night.  These pics just show a small glimpse into the night and the decor that turned the barn into a fun party space.

 With fresh cut hydrangeas from the garden, we dined on locally sourced food catered by Riverstone Kitchen - see their cookbook, with a host of seasonal recipes where you won't be disappointed.  I have one in transit to my kitchen now and I can't wait.
 The only thing we had forgotten and a word to the wise, get a sitter for your 5 month old baby.  She was now old enough to play on her own and had finally past the point of sleeping anywhere and everywhere.  Thankfully we had super friends across the table from us that were happy to help love on the little one.
One thing I love about a NZ wedding is all the speeches and memories that are shared.  People that cannot attend send messages to the couple that are read, friends and family give speeches.  It's a wonderful time to share stories and advice for the newlyweds - sometimes we have to cut things short, but for the most part they are fabulous.  Thanks to the Lamborn family and Depeche Mode in Ashburton for the outfits!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 5 - In search of fur seals

 Hiking to a waterfall never seems to get old.  Learning from my mom, we have come to appreciate them in our family.  She used to tell her now famous Queen of the waterfall ones stories on long car rides, so good we're still encouraging her to publish them. Two years ago my parents visited us in NZ and on a road trip around the west coast she spotted over 100 waterfalls that had appeared just after a HUGE rainstorm - I'm talking our car drove through lakes in the road over 1 foot deep, not highly recommended but fantastic for adventure.
 Here are some pics of our last day in the Catlins before heading up to Ashbuton, NZ to see more friends just south of Christchurch.
 Footprints in the sand - daddy carries E.  I love this pic because of all it stands for.  T loves his little girl just like God loves us and carries us when we need him too.  I am blessed to have a hubby that loves his little girl as much as T loves E.

 We went to Suret Bay on our way home in search of fur seals that like to hang out on this beach and sun themselves.  We did find one big guy laying out sleeping, it looked like a big brown lump about as big as a cow!  Forgive the lack of pictures  - to be honest it didn't photograph well :)  The daddy, daughter duo did however.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 4 - Baby E caught a cold...

Day 2 of our Catlins adventure and our little E has caught a cold.  The good news is we had the house all to ourselves this weekend, the bad news... she cried most of the night and we had to sleep on the couch.  Baby girl does not like being stuffy.  However, with every problem there is a solution - saline spray, steamy showers and the nose sucker and we were back in business.
We had a beautiful little cottage for the night, I highly recommend coming to visit this area - it was beautiful.

On the way we stopped at Curio and Porpoise Bay both well know for dolphin sightings.  In Porpoise Bay you can actually wade out into the water (if you dare - we are pretty close to Antarctica) and the Hector dolphins (smallest in the world) will come swim around you! 
Baby E traveled quite well in out snugi circa 1984 - thanks mom, we had a few layers over top and she stretched out her little neck to see all that was going on.  I would have to say this is the best way to travel with an infant if your back can handle it.  They get to look around and be a part of what is going on and it's much easier to navigate than a stroller in uneven terrain (which is everything other than pavement).

Lots of love to our traveling buddies Morgan and Hayley - we miss you guys heaps!