Friday, September 17, 2010

I heart New York

Living in another country makes you remember all the things you love about where you come from.  I never realized what an adjustment it would be, but now that we have been in NZ a year we have slowly started creating a new normal...  like having Marmite for breakfast (yummo).

Things I love about New York-
* Soft ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.  In our family that is the tradition when you're out and about.  If there is an ice cream place close, you can be sure we are stopping.
* Starbucks.  Our NZ friends would pick on us about this, but they have good coffee and cafes everywhere!  In the USA a good cup of coffee isn't always easy to come by, thank you Starbucks!
* Target.  In Batavia you can get Starbucks and Target together, it's genius.
* Shopping.  EVERYTHING is so much cheaper.  It would go against my better judgment not to shop while we are here.  One must take advantage of every opportunity.
* Pizza.  It's just not the same anywhere else.
* Family - i love them!

Thank you NY for being so wonderful!