Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 11: In love with my tiered skirt.

Day 11 -  This is my J.Crew tiered skirt and it has become my new favorite thing out of my 30 day clothing combination.  My 2nd new favorite thing is finding all kids of new fashion blogs through this challenge - like wearing it on my sleeve and lizziepunch just to name a few. 
 My darling little sister Carolyn gave me the skirt and the shoes.  She kindly reminded me today that she has supplied over half of my 30-for-30 wardrobe (thanks dear).  She is happy to pass on styling tips - trying to get her to do a guest post as well to share her fashion with the world. I wish I could share her with everyone, but I can't she's mine.
Skirt: J.Crew - gift
Shirt: American collection from JcPenney
Belt: Marshalls
Shoes: Michael Kors - gift
Earrings: Thrifted

Belting the shirt makes me feel better about having the shirt tucked into the skirt.  Sometimes I don't love where it hits my stomach and the belt helps to hide that.  I am working on my 6 pack, but it's taking longer than I thought ;)

Happy Friday from New Zealand!  Summer is here and we are loving it.


  1. Knock it off and get home! Miss you guys! Cheers

  2. I adore that skirt!! You are so lucky its summer where you are!! Its cold here in washington d.c. :-(

  3. I have the same skirt in the same color! Also, it's in my 30 for 30, as seen here: I haven't worn it yet because it gets so darn wrinkly and I'm usually too lazy to iron things! But you have inspired me to whip it out.
    Ana of From Suns To Moons

  4. I'm loving that skirt too. I see two ways that you styled it so far and they both look great!
    The Auspicious Life

  5. Hi, fellow remixer here. I love the blue blouse! And anyone who has the courage to cross that swinging bridge has my deepest respect!

    Best of luck with the remaining challenge.