Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 6 - A party worthy of the couple

Welcome to our best family photo op (ever) - the Matthews have never all looked so good, not to mention all looked at the camera at the same time.
 Setting - a shabby chic old wool shed at Twin Terrace Farm overlooking the Waitaki Valley.
Event - Celebrating a newly married couple with family and friends in from all corners of the globe.
The party was fabulous with good food, good wine and a great band to close out the night.  These pics just show a small glimpse into the night and the decor that turned the barn into a fun party space.

 With fresh cut hydrangeas from the garden, we dined on locally sourced food catered by Riverstone Kitchen - see their cookbook, with a host of seasonal recipes where you won't be disappointed.  I have one in transit to my kitchen now and I can't wait.
 The only thing we had forgotten and a word to the wise, get a sitter for your 5 month old baby.  She was now old enough to play on her own and had finally past the point of sleeping anywhere and everywhere.  Thankfully we had super friends across the table from us that were happy to help love on the little one.
One thing I love about a NZ wedding is all the speeches and memories that are shared.  People that cannot attend send messages to the couple that are read, friends and family give speeches.  It's a wonderful time to share stories and advice for the newlyweds - sometimes we have to cut things short, but for the most part they are fabulous.  Thanks to the Lamborn family and Depeche Mode in Ashburton for the outfits!

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  1. ahh! amazing. it all looks so wonderful, love all the details!! and great family photo...we love you matthews'!