Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 5 - In search of fur seals

 Hiking to a waterfall never seems to get old.  Learning from my mom, we have come to appreciate them in our family.  She used to tell her now famous Queen of the waterfall ones stories on long car rides, so good we're still encouraging her to publish them. Two years ago my parents visited us in NZ and on a road trip around the west coast she spotted over 100 waterfalls that had appeared just after a HUGE rainstorm - I'm talking our car drove through lakes in the road over 1 foot deep, not highly recommended but fantastic for adventure.
 Here are some pics of our last day in the Catlins before heading up to Ashbuton, NZ to see more friends just south of Christchurch.
 Footprints in the sand - daddy carries E.  I love this pic because of all it stands for.  T loves his little girl just like God loves us and carries us when we need him too.  I am blessed to have a hubby that loves his little girl as much as T loves E.

 We went to Suret Bay on our way home in search of fur seals that like to hang out on this beach and sun themselves.  We did find one big guy laying out sleeping, it looked like a big brown lump about as big as a cow!  Forgive the lack of pictures  - to be honest it didn't photograph well :)  The daddy, daughter duo did however.

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