Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 4 - Baby E caught a cold...

Day 2 of our Catlins adventure and our little E has caught a cold.  The good news is we had the house all to ourselves this weekend, the bad news... she cried most of the night and we had to sleep on the couch.  Baby girl does not like being stuffy.  However, with every problem there is a solution - saline spray, steamy showers and the nose sucker and we were back in business.
We had a beautiful little cottage for the night, I highly recommend coming to visit this area - it was beautiful.

On the way we stopped at Curio and Porpoise Bay both well know for dolphin sightings.  In Porpoise Bay you can actually wade out into the water (if you dare - we are pretty close to Antarctica) and the Hector dolphins (smallest in the world) will come swim around you! 
Baby E traveled quite well in out snugi circa 1984 - thanks mom, we had a few layers over top and she stretched out her little neck to see all that was going on.  I would have to say this is the best way to travel with an infant if your back can handle it.  They get to look around and be a part of what is going on and it's much easier to navigate than a stroller in uneven terrain (which is everything other than pavement).

Lots of love to our traveling buddies Morgan and Hayley - we miss you guys heaps!

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