Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Off to see the world.

Traveling with a 4 month old is told to be the best time to travel with children.  E took her first flight two days ago and did beautifully!  The flight attendants all one by one fell in love with our little red head from Philly to San Francisco and beyond she was a trooper.
 On our stop over we went out to explore the city and found the Blue bottle coffee company in San Fran, Ca.  The line was out the door and around the corner, but the experience was wonderful.  Not to mention the coffee was to die for.
 This is E after the first 6 hour flight, a very happy camper in dad's arms.
 Our special pot brewed just for us.
 We walked around the city (a very small part of it) on our layover.  E was very happy in our snugli c/o Grandma Ter circa 1980's, it's the only front pack she will ride in.

 Waiting to board our plane.  I don't know what we would have done if E was crawling or walking, I can't even imagine trying to keep track of her then.  We did a lot of rolling, walking, singing and playing.  I brought a play mat special to lay down on the airport floor so we didn't have to get our blankets dirty - best idea ever.
 More pics to come :)


  1. She is so beautiful! I am so overjoyed to see parents enjoying the world with their littles! Treasure every single moment! HUGS!

  2. yup....she definitely belongs to the two of you....she looks just like you guys! it's all in the facial expressions. way to go E - world travel, here you come.