Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 2: Our big hike

 Mt Cook was calling our name today.  We have been working in Oamaru getting ready for the big wedding celebration on the Easton farm and took a day to enjoy the surroundings.  The drive took us up along the glacial lakes, above is Lake Pukaki.
 The weather was 21 deg C, sunny with a bit of wind.  The whole time we were praying for the rain to hold off for out 2.5 hour hike into the lake at the base of Mt. Cook.  (Don't worry that we are standing next to a beautifully poisonous plant - if you touch it you swell up).
Our beautiful friend and the newest Mrs. Hayley Easton.
Baby E loves hiking with her daddy.
Overlooking one of the glacial lakes on the hike.

We made it!
And this crazy man thought it would be a good idea to swim with the icebergs!  no thanks.

Love from New Zealand.


  1. ohh new zealand! so stunning. love sweet e's little hat! and that snugli! i kinda want one...