Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 1: A lazy hazy afternoon

 We landed and hit the ground running.  It was a wonderful sunny day in Christchurch and we finally got to see friends Morgan and Hayley after year of being away, a wonderful reuniting.
 Easton felt grass between her toes for the very first time and loved it!  She can't be happier to be here.

 Our first day was a bit rough, but I can officially say we are all over the jet lag and E is back in her normal routine.  Thank you Lord, and thanks to everyone for your prayers.  We are so blessed to be here, it's like jumping back into your favorite pair of slippers after leaving them in the closet for too long. Strangely familiar and oh so wonderful.
Our press pot coffee and marmite toast for breakfast.  Happy Morning!

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