Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Day 4

Leopard cardi: Banana Republic
Belt: Gabriel Brothers
Shirt: JCrew
Shoes: From my sister

As you can see days 2 and 3 are missing.  I was the only one home so I have to get Thomas to grab pics for me when he gets home.  (I haven't forgotten). 
I put this outfit together never having worn a cardigan like this before, tucked in and belted.  I felt pretty good in this selection, throwing in the glasses for a nerdier look.  Alice, the office assistant at work called it sweet.  It's good fun, people are starting to get involved in the challenge, trying to help me piece things together and cheering me on.  
This weekend we head to Wanaka for a bit of a holiday and yes the 30 pieces go with me.  Bonus about only being able to choose from a limited selection...everything fits in the suitcase!

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