Monday, October 25, 2010

Fabulous day 5

Today I was super lucky to:
1. Not have to work.
2. Hang out with my awesome friends Pam, Lucas (2 yrs.) and newly born Jacob for the day.
3. Road Trip to Wanaka with our other awesome friends Morgan and Hayley.

Lets just say fashion day 5 had to cover all bases of running around at gymbugs, playing in the sandbox, cooking tea, holding babies, riding in the car and still looking awesome 12 hours later!  I think we may have a winner here folks.

Cardi: Depeche Mode - Staple
Shirt: Boutique in Indiana
Jeans: J.Crew
Sandals: hand-me-down from my sister

Shot in the living room of the Easton family holiday house :)  I love the red chairs!


  1. I think you should post pictures of all 30 items so I can see what you are doing with them :)