Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wanna be in wanaka?


Here are a few shots from our wonderful weekend away in Wanaka, NZ with our dear friends Morgan and Hayley.  This is the same place we came last February on our trip with Justin and Marla and climbed the Mighty Mt. Roy.  We spent the weekend relaxing, visiting and enjoying the scenery.   
We took a drive down to Queenstown though the Cardrona Pass, a very windy, narrow road that leads you through the Crown Range until you reach the other side and Queenstown awaits you.  I think we went through 6 good rounds of 20 questions on the way.
Hayley and I did some shopping while the boys had manly bonding time.  She introduced me to my new NZ stores, Witchery and Country Road.  It's the closest they have to J Crew here:)

For all of you that have yet to learn, a Kiwi is a fruit, a person and a bird.  Here is an example of the bird:)

Thomas and I took a walk along the Clutha river that runs from Lake Wanaka all the way out to the ocean.  The Easton's holiday house over looks the river and has a greenway path that runs right along the river just steps from their house.  We has 2 little dogs join us on our walk whom we named Ruby and Rosco.  Ruby was med. build and loved to play like Josie, and Rosco was a small white curly haired dog that followed Ruby.  We all walked along the river together for about an hour before they finally wandered home.  Ruby and Thomas played stick almost the whole walk.
  The mountain on the left is Mt Roy.  As you can see spring is in full bloom here and we are gearing up for warmer weather... anytime now.  We have been so blessed to have such wonderful friends here!


  1. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. I can't wait to share your new home with you in person. It's beautiful. xxoo

  2. i wannaaaa!!!
    glad you finally saw a kiwi bird...
    miss you friend!