Sunday, November 22, 2009

The I heart revolution


WE think all people matter to God, so all people should matter to us too.

Thomas and I went to see "The I heart revolution" that was put out by Hillsong United this past thursday.  You may have seen it advertised, it was on for one night in the states then came here to NZ for one night and we were lucky enough to catch it.  For anyone interested is was quite a thought provoking production based on the Hillsong band's tour around the world and all the people they encountered.  They were challenged by all of the need in the world, and talked with people that were making a difference in the lives of their community.  It's hard to put into word, all I can say is it challenged the way we think about things and what we are doing to impact God's kingdom.
There are so many places around the world that have people with obvious needs- food, clothing, water.  Sometimes I feel like in more westernized cultures it can be more difficult to see those needs in people's lives, we try to cover up how we're really feeling and say that everything is fine.  How do we serve God and love people when we don't see the needs?  One quote in the movie showed a picture of a homeless man sitting on a stoop and the questions was asked- "Do you see yourself reaching down to pull this man up or sitting down beside him and loving him."  It struck me that my job is not to reach down and lift people up to where I am, but to come along side them, to sit and meet them where they are and show them God's love in a practical way.
I think we were called here to NZ to walk beside people, Christian and non-Christian to love them and live life with them, to be living examples of Christ's perfect love for us.  I am definitely not saying we are perfect, it's a constant surrendering of yourself to Christ.  An everyday choice to be used for the glory of God.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder that it's about coming along side. How often we forget.