Monday, November 16, 2009

happy holiday

happiness = one wonderful weekend together and no robot calls:)

Life has been a bit hectic in the land down under for the past few weeks.  Thomas has been working so hard everyday, while I stand by his side cheering him on - go team go!  The newest news in the life of the Matthews family is...wait for it... we bought a CAR, yay, a little diesel Citroen. So as anyone would do with a new car, we took it for it's first road trip this weekend. One of the best things we have found about living in NZ is that they seem to have quite a few more days off than we did in the states.  Each region of NZ has a holiday throughout the year- (kind of like each county back home) and ours happened to be this past Friday so we took a drive down south- destination Waitaki Dam. 

The Waitaki River is one of the largest in NZ provides the opportunity for many power schemes. There are about six different dams, varying in size supplying power to southland. With so much power and so few people, one wonders why such a high cost of electricity--the answer is yet to be discovered, but the technology of the dams is amazing.

The views were incredible as we overlooked glacial water of the perfect blue color.  How we wish we could bring you all here and share this amazing experience with you all!  Hotel Matthews still has vacancies- Rob and Ter are coming in late January then Chris and Jen Noble come in mid February, so anyone else is welcome to work vacations in accordingly:)
<---- Thomas loved the huge floodgates, it would bring out the boyish wonder in all of us.

Summer is slowly making an appearance here, it has been on and off so far, still a bit like springtime.   We did manage to start our garden, Thomas has the green thumb while I just help with the weeding.
We will have to send pics of the house soon.

Love from New Zealand:)

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