Wednesday, September 30, 2009

all in good time.

I'm sitting here on a fabulous lime green couch with a lovely purring kitty on my lap with a cup of tea... soak in the moment:)  It's been a while since our last posting, in the mean time we have moved twice and are now house sitting for some co-workers.  The house is simply brilliant, they have mixed the feel of rustic with a touch of modern design and color.  Using lime greens, plum, and charcoal accented with a cherry finished wood, it's perfection.   I wish you could see it, Lulu's head (that's the Kitty's name) is just resting on the edge of my laptop purring away swatting at the keys as I type (maybe she likes what I'm writing) .

Every day has been a new experience, Thomas is working hard as always not driving quite as much as he used to which is nice; I've been working hard at the office.  Everyone really loves to pick on our long hard western NY accents, our vowels are much more spread out...caaafee, caaaars... you get the idea.  It's like we're from Boston or something.  It's interesting though, people here wish they had an American accent, I can't imagine.  I guess it's like the ancient saying, you always want what you don't have.  I want..... hmmm...a car! :)  That's our next project.

This weekend was awesome- friday night drinks with friends; saturday shopping, rugby game, and wrapping up having wine and cheese with more new friends; finally, what's a better way to finish than sunday church.  Tune in for pics tomorrow.


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  1. yay for an update! looking forward to pictures!!