Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We made it...hooray!

We finally made it here...Ashburton NZ! After a 30+ hour day of flying and waiting and flying some more we arrived. The best part is that we went to Venice beach, carryon luggage and all and caught some Cali rays. Thomas walked down the pier, suitcases trailing behind with all the other beach bums and fishermen there. It was classic!
Day 2: Its surreal to wake up and realize you really are living in another country. It's almost completed. Today we went out for a wee wander in the buggy then to grab a trolly for some groceries, then back for lunch. it's so fun the way everyone talks and how I have translate everything. Here is my list so far:)
buggy= stroller
wee wander= little walk
buggered= tired out
bloddy hell= OMG
tea= dinner
Tune in next time for more vocab lessons!

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