Thursday, August 27, 2009

The art of relocation

Nothing can quite prepare you for what you will experience when you move to a totally new location. Where will you live, what will you do, who will you meet? All of these and more are questions that constantly run through your brain at all hours of the day and as of yet no real answer.
I spent most of the day on the "Where will you live" part of the long list of things to do and with no avail I have no answer. We did find one place- brand new and beautiful, but it's hard to settle on something just 3 days after you having arrived here in NZ. Today the questions were just swirling around me and I was trying to pin them down one at a time. I took myself out for a flat white and surrounded myself in realty magazines most of which I had no idea where the towns listed with homes were located, let alone if it was even close to where I was.
I give so much credit to those people that move on a regular occasion, if there was one piece of advice that would help me what would it be??? Right now it is for me "Give it to God and let go." If anyone can handle this cloud of questions He can.


  1. Looks like while learning the art of relocation you're also learning the art of letting go. We're praying for you as we learn the same lesson.

  2. my advice: drink a flat white. it always makes everything better.