Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas and decking the halls

"Joy to the world the Lord has come let earth receive her king.  Let every heart prepare him room and heaven and nature sing."

Oh to celebrate Christmas with a 2 year old and a 9 month old.  You wonder what they understand and how much they grasp about Christmas and why we celebrate it.  How much Santa to talk about and if the idea of a big jolly man (stranger to us) coming down the chimney may bring on a nightmare or two. 
(E with her new camera - she didn't like wearing her dress, but wouldn't let me take off the tights)

In our case little E understood a lot about Christmas.  She knew it would be Jesus' birthday and we talked about giving presents to each other to share the love that God gave us.  Needless to say she really liked the present idea :)  We put our manger out and played with Mary and Joseph.  Our baby Jesus had a binkie which was especially exciting, and confusing at times when other baby Jesus' didn't have one.  I love the mind of two year olds.  Aunt Ali told her all about Santa and his sleigh and they spent much of Christmas Eve looking for him in the sky.

(opening stockings)

It was Lu's first Christmas.  We have been a family of four for so long we almost forgot about our little lovie's first Christmas!  Papa was sure to tell her all about what it was about.

I just love how photos can capture the little moments that make life so sweet and special.  These are some of my favorites from Christmas day.

T and Lulu early Christmas morning before the coffee made it's first round.  I think he looks so rustic and handsome.

 Christmas morning at Grandma Joyce's, chaos family, music, toys and lots of laughter.  A right of passage in the Noble family for this wonderful tradition.

 My amazing family.  We were all able to be together for a whole week around Christmas.  This was the best gift of all.  Having my sisters around, celebrating a new little cousin to be joining us in July (Ali and Kase) and lots of time to relax and visit.  Hope your season was wonderful and bright, and your new year is exciting!

xoxo, jnm

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  1. Love seeing your family Christmas photos. Being with family is the best gift! And so exciting about Ali!!