Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday = adventure day

Today we packed up our sleepy selves and got outside despite the rain and cold weather.  When I was little we used to meet my grandparents or breakfast on some spontaneous Saturday mornings. It was such a wonderful memory no matter where we were, a little diner or the Pancake House near Buffalo it was always fun.  This has stuck with me growing up and going out to breakfast is still one of my favorite things to do.
Since T has been out of town I decided the girls and I needed some adventure - so out we trounced rain boots and all to our local cafe for some yumm-o pancakes and E's favorite scrambled eggs.  There was nothing amazing or earth shattering about our morning, just the everyday wonderful gift of being together my girls and I making memories.  Lulu slept while E and I stacked creamer towers and made jelly trains while having conversations only a two year old can have.  As we walked out you could see people watching our little crew trounce out.  I was so proud of my little ladies and proud of us for getting outside of out everyday norm.
I have to thank Jen - from jenloveskev for changing my mindset from the daunting outlook of never ending housework to the joy of living in the moment while you have the moments.  Check out her story about their excursion to the ADK's for a hot air balloon fest with two babies in tow. 

It's definitely not always the easiest job, but I am so thankful for what I am being taught as a mom - about myself and how to see the outside world.  Slow down, have a seat and really soak in what this day has to offer you.

xxx, jnm

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