Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A post to share.

 Before E was even born, or a thought in our heart our sweet friends were blessed with a little baby girl that would change lives.  Watching her grow - though we are states away has been an incredible blessing.  These two parents are beyond talented and to watch their family grow has been a delight.

I wanted to share Mar's most recent blog post My Girl about her little girl.  It pulls at my heart with little E to see all that she will grow up to do, but more importantly how we as parents need to teach our children to love everyone.  No matter what age, skin color, religion, etc.

I am so thankful when I fall short God is always there to step in.

Follow our friends at Marla - amazing mother of 2 or Justin: the photographer

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  1. thanks so much for spreading the love. i know Fabs future is brighter because of amazing parents like you raising sweet little E's! xxoo