Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lamb chops?

Since this blog is all about experiences I figured I should share my good moments along with those that stretch me.  Here goes...

A few weeks ago our dear friends Sheryn and Bones invited us over to experience a New Zealand tradition... the home kill.  (Don't worry I will spare you the details)  

Thomas thought this was something that I needed to see, since it would be a first for me.  He feels that it is really important to know where you food comes from, what it eats and how it has been treated.  He even made a little speech about it at his sister's wedding- I love him.
  While I feel that it all well and good, I also like the blind innocence of just going to the grocery store and finding chicken breasts, lamb chops etc.  Since marriage is all about challenging and growing with eachother, I thought I should see things from his perspective.
Most people here in NZ raise their own animals for food.  Everyone seems to have their own laying hens, sheep, pigs, you name it and they are all raised with a purpose.  Sheryn and Bones raise the lambs for the meat and so they can feed their growing family, I respect all the hard work and care that goes into taking care of all those animals.  Thomas would love to get sheep and chickens, I'm still warming up to the idea.
So off we went to round up the lambs- Fiona, Sheryn and I brought up the back while the boys and Ruby rounded up the sheep.  We brought them into the wool shed where Bones picked the most mature one that was of age.  Bones was quick and kind- don't worry, he's been doing this since he was young. 
I think the most interesting part was how happy we (myself included) are with not knowing anything about our food.  While I wouldn't do this everyday I appreciate the fact that the animals we well treated and taken care of and the meat is healthy and lean.  This is everyday for most families down here.  I can't lie- somedays I feel like a Pioneer...Thomas thinks I still have a lot to work on:)

Liver and onions anyone?

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