Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have been a it's time to be a bridesmaid!

A fav pic of my hubby and maid of honor.  
I love the saying always a bridesmaid never a bride.  It's very whoa is me, but I am feeling under pressure because I have been a bride and now it's time for me to get my bridesmaid on.  Well, in this case it will be matron of honor.  (the name alone makes me feel so old!) 

Al and Kase get married in 96 days (thanks to Thomas' calculations) and I feel like I have been a slacker bridesmaid being so far away.  I have decided to get my buns in gear and help out, as much as you can from NZ. (Al I hope you are ready for this)

Thanks to the internet there are so may websites/blogs out there to help you with ideas.  My most favorite of the night is They have such cute ideas to help you with your party planning, the pinwheels on the main page are really cute idea.

My bridesmaids we so wonderful to me, I hope that I can be the same support and they were. 

Here we go girls, we can do another fabulous wedding!  Look out Martha Stewart we're coming.

~PS...If there are any other ideas out there- please feel free to share~

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