Monday, April 12, 2010

It's already April..... the latest 'in our backyard photo'

The one question I would like to ask it what the heck happened to March?  I think I must have blinked and all of the sudden here we are on April 14 2010, sprig time is just blooming in the states while autumn is gracing us with here presence here in New Zealand.  It is so wonderful walking outside and smelling falling leaves in the crisp fresh air.  All of my American feelings say that it's October, time for Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie and apple picking.  However alas it's April. 

To be honest I am having a bit of trouble adjusting, just when we thought we were getting the hang of this New Zealand thing!

PS thought we should also share with you our latest photo from our backyard.  It was actually taken from Jerry and Sue Blakelee's backyard over looking Christchurch.  This is Thomas's dad Sam pondering with their pet alpaca, both very curious creatures:)

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