Saturday, January 9, 2010

Twinkle twinkle little worm

Yesterday my parents arrived to our little island all the way from snowy Rochester.   Words don't describe how excited we were for them to come, or how wonderful it has been having them here.  My dad is loving the kiwi phrases and has claimed "no worries mate" as his own, and my mom swears the coffee is better and stronger here than in the states.  It's a running joke that everything is different here b/c technically those of us who come from the northern hemisphere are really standing on our heads down here on the other side of the world.  Thomas and I have had time to acclimate, mom says they'll come around:)

Tonight we ventured back into a glow worm dell after a late night dinner.  It's set just off the road 50 metres, and as you walk back into a rain forest type area  in the dark you suddenly see all these little glowing dots all surrounding you.  It was like looking into the starry night sky right next to where you are standing.  So we decided to sing them a little song to them...

Twinkle twinkle little worm,
How I wonder how you squirm,
Nestled in the dirt so deep,
As you twinkle while you sleep,
Twinkle twinkle little worm,
How I wonder how you squirm.

Little wormies with glowing bums:)

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