Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thomas is 27!!!

We just finished celebrating Thomas' 27th birthday this weekend...yay!  We started with Morgan and Hayley up for dinner- our fabulous friends who also fixed our fireplace (bonus).  Sunday morning was a french toast breakfast party filled with a day of more friends.

Highlights from Thomas-
Peanut buttter sent all the way from Chester Springs Pa.  Big kids love JIF
Peanut butter on french toast
Eating peanut butter- you get the idea...
Touching the world's fastest Indian (a motorbike).
Skyping with family
Prezzies from his wonderful wifey (me)
Going to a farm machinery museum owned by Ken's Auntie Joan.

We celebrated the big birthday weekend a bit early in Nelson with friends.  Such a beautiful area of the country, we were so lucky to have a whole weekend off to explore.  We love exploring!

Thomas' prize catch- the kahawai fish.  We saw a guy- Rob fishing on the beach.  He had already caught about 3 in the 10 min. we were watching him so Thomas went to say hi and see what he was catching and Rob told him to grab a pole and start fishing.  I think within about 5 minutes he got this!  He is quite a guy that Thomas.  They offered to let us bring it home, but we both agreed 4 hours in a hot hot car isn't the best situation with a dead fish, Thomas needed some convincing about that, but we managed in the end.  
Happy Birthday to a wonderful man!


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  2. happy birthday thomas!!
    i may have googled prezzies.
    [got it.]

  3. HAHA! That's Great! Hold the fish down til i get there!!! Happy Birthday buddy!